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Student in Frame πŸ–Ό | Lando Cisneros

When you find Lando Cisneros, 8th-grader at South Texas ISD Rising Scholars Academy, working towards his passion in sports and academics or anything he sets his mind to achieving, there is no stopping him. 

Hard work and determination is at the root of it all for Cisneros, whether it be on the basketball court, football or soccer fields, or in the classroom, he’s giving it his all.

He loves a challenge and doesn’t back down, and is always ready to put in the work that is going to lead him down the path to his future aspirations of one day excelling in corporate law or aeronautical engineering.

Cisneros plans on starting his high school career at South Texas ISD Science Academy for the 2023-2024 school year, where he hopes to take advantage of all available engineering courses, including aerospace engineering specifically, to prepare him for his future aspirations.

Until then, you can find Cisneros giving it πŸ’―to:

βœ” Qualifying to State with the RSA Rockets basketball and soccer teams

βœ”  Keeping a 95+ average or higher in all classes

βœ”  Making memories through it all that will last for a lifetime

This month we are in frame with Lando Cisneros:

  • Favorite hobby?  Anything having to do with sports - I love playing and watching any sport. I’m currently on the basketball team, but I’ve also played football, soccer and golf.
  • Favorite artist or song?  Artist: The Weekend | Song: The Hills
  • Favorite Rising Scholars memory so far?  The time our football team competed at State
  • Favorite subject?  Math - I love the challenge and the way it pushes my mind.
  • Favorite teacher?  Mr. Balli (Biology) It’s all of the little things that he does that makes it fun.
  • STISD High School Selection? Science Academy  
  • What profession do you wish to pursue?  Corporate lawyer for a sports team or an aeronautical engineer for NASA or SpaceX
  • Tell us one unique characteristic about yourself: When I have a passion for something, I’ll do anything in my power to achieve that goal.
  • In one word, how would you describe your experience as an STISD student?  Phenomenal
  • What advice would you give to someone on the fence about enrolling to one of our schools?  The education and the opportunities you are offered here are unlike any other school and you won’t find it anywhere else.
  • Bucket list for 2023:
    • 1. Qualify to State with the Basketball and Soccer Teams    
    • 2. Keep a 95+ average or higher in all classes    
    • 3. Make memories that will last for a lifetime
Decorative image: student in frame- Lando Cisneros from Rising Scholars Academy